For many young children, most mindfulness activities can require too much stillness for a child who is on the go.

Calming your body, however, doesn’t have to be stagnant. When kids’ bodies feel out of control, they need help to become more grounded.

When a child engages in calming activities, their brain sends signals to their body to let them know they are safe and it is okay to slow down.

This can help children think and respond to situations less impulsively. And, this can help parents not feel AS exhausted at the end of the day because their child knows how to manager their energy.

Here are three movement activities you can try with your child to increase mindfulness.


Squeeze & Dangle


The first movement activity is called Squeeze and Dangle. Sit in a chair and have your child put their feet flat on the floor and their hands pulling onto the chair.

Have them squeeze all their muscles like they are trying to pull themselves up with their arms while they push themselves through the floor with their feet. Hold it for at least 5 seconds. Then release and dangle all their limbs.


Spiderman Folds


The second movement activity for high energy kids is called Spiderman Folds. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath in and get your spidey- powers ready by gathering your spider string in your hands.

Fold over your legs as you exhale and shoot out your spider string. Slowly rise up as you regain your powers and repeat!


Flying Planes


The third movement activity for high energy kids is called Flying Planes. Lay on your tummy flat on the floor. Put your arms straight out in front of you. Take a deep breath in to start your engine.

Then “lift off” and reach your arms and legs off the ground so you’re balancing on your tummy. Countdown from 10 as you soar above the clouds. When you get to 0, safely bring your plane to landing and relax your body on the ground. Notice how your plane feels now that it’s landed.


These fun movement activities are a great way to help your child build their mindfulness skills and learn to slow down. If your child continues to struggle with impulsivity and has trouble slowing down, they may need extra support. Please reach out to us at Kid Matters Counseling and schedule an appointment. We’re here to help.

Lydia Alter

Lydia Alter

Child Therapist | LSW

It is my goal to support you and your child in managing their emotions and strengthening their relationships so they can face challenges, big or small, with confidence.

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