What Is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses play, which is the primary language of children, to resolve issues and promote healing. If play is the language of children, toys are their words.


Play Therapy Can Help Your Child

Trained Play Therapists specialize in interpreting the language of children’s play.

During play therapy, children create play that resembles the difficult or traumatic experiences they are struggling with internally. When facilitated by a trained play therapist, the play becomes focused on the purposes of emotional healing.

This leads to a reduction of symptoms (i.e. acting out and aggressive behaviors, somatic complaints, withdrawal or regression, etc.) and the reestablishment of balance in the child’s sense of well-being.

To schedule a play therapy session for your child, please contact us at 855-543-7687. We’ll do a short phone intake in order for us to get to know your specific needs and connect you with the best therapist to best support your needs.

What Happens In Play Therapy?

Because children cannot express verbally what they are experiencing internally, children will select special toys to include in their play and use those toys to recreate issues that represent emotional conflicts that are important to them.

Beginning with this expression, the child’s play evolves until the child gains a sense of understanding and comfort over this situation.

See the video below to see play therapy in action! We think it’s pretty cool.

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