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During quarantine, your mental health will be put to the test.

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Lower Your Stress


Have Less Anxiety

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“I have absolute confidence in referring anyone with parenting and child counseling needs to Susan and Kid Matters. Those I’ve referred have come back with glowing reports.”
Eunia Lee

Licensed Therapist & Owner of Chicagoland Counseling

It’s Not Easy Being a Parent.

Parent From a Position of Strength, Not Exhaustion.


What are Parenting Support Services?

Parenting support services are tailored to your parenting needs. As we work together to clarify your parenting style, set parenting goals, and create and implement a short or long term parenting plan.

How is this different from therapy?
While we offer traditional counseling to parents, seeking parenting support with a Mental Health Professional is designed to guide the parent(s) to learn how to consistently achieve results and make purposeful choices.

Parent consultations with a mental health professional for the purpose of parental support is NOT a substitute for individual therapy, family therapy or a child’s own therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.
Does Insurance cover Parenting Support Services?

Kid Matters Counseling does not bill insurance nor do parenting support sessions qualify for potential insurance reimbursement. Find out more about our private pay policy here.

How Long Does It Last?

Parenting Support Services are tailored to the individual needs of each parent. This means we are happy to work with you as needed, whether that is a stand-alone session or a series of sessions. Give one of our therapists a call today to get started!

Most parents struggle with how to parent their own kids.

Which is why we help parents gain clarity & confidence around their parenting style so they can experience the joy of making meaningful connections with the kids for a lifetime.

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