Kid’s aged 0-12 spend, on average, anywhere from one to six hours online with that number increasing with age. Instead of fighting it, we’d like to encourage you to guide your elementary aged child as they navigate the tricky online terrain. YouTube, a popular choice amongst kids aged 5-10, has pitfalls and possibilities. 

Together is Better

Despite YouTube’s new policy (COPPA), enacted to protect minors from data collection, finding (either on purpose or accidentally) inappropriate content on YouTube is still a real concern. Sitting down and viewing your child’s favorite YouTube channels with them will do two things: allow you to assess the appropriateness of the content and give you and your son or daughter a shared experience which will foster communication and bonding. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve gathered up seven of the Best YouTubers for Elementary Aged Kids and listed them here. We’ve focused on finding channels that promote physical activity, teach concepts in engaging ways, or provide inspiration to expand on the video within your family’s own day.

Best YouTubers for Elementary Aged Kids

  1. Dude Perfect – This group of five athletic and fun-loving guys have been making YouTube videos since their days as college roommates at Texas A&M University. Their channel features amazing trick shots, goofy competitions and hilarious skits. Overall, it is the 10th most subscribed to YouTube channel. 
    • Number of subscribers: 48.9 million
    • Genre: Challenge/Skit
    • Why we love it: There are so many positives about Dude Perfect it’s hard to know where to start. The hosts are great examples of good sportsmanship, friendship, and creativity. Their language is age appropriate (but cool) and the skits and challenges they create are harmless (but fun). 

2. UnspeakableGaming – Nathan, known online as Unspeakable, creates and shares various gaming videos focusing primarily on Minecraft. His other YouTube channel Unspeakable, features Nathan and his friends completing challenges and pranking each other.

    • Number of subscribers: 8.45 million
    • Genre: Gaming
    • Why we love it: Elementary aged kids love Minecraft, and older kids love gaming videos on YouTube. Unspeakablegaming is an opportunity for younger kids to experience the fun of gaming videos without the harsh language and violence that often accompanies them. Nathan and his friends are high energy and harmless fun.

3. minutephysics – Henry Reich, explains complex physics concepts with simple language and engrossing illustrations and demonstrations in – you guessed it – one minute.

    • Number of subscribers: 4.88 million
    • Genre: Educational
    • Why we love it: Based on the idea that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” kids can research some of their wildest physics and science questions using minutephysics and receive clear understandable answers. Their video: Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain? is a great place to start!

4. Whiz Kid Science A young boy walks viewers through simple but appealing science experiments. 

    • Number of subscribers: 73.9 thousand
    • Genre: Educational
    • Why we love it: We love when kids host educational YouTube channels and the host of WhizKidScience is articulate and engaging! He provides clear instructions and identifies the materials you need. Most “experiment” videos use materials you already have around your house or can find at the grocery store.

5. Cool School – This channel has it all: cool crafts, silly stories and funny hosts. 

    • Number of subscribers: 1.73 million
    • Genre: Educational
    • Why we love it: The storytelling is a great combination of live action and animation. The stories are told in multiple formats (Find It games have you counting a specific item while you watch) and tell classic stories and some Cool School originals. Their Crafty Carol videos feature simple at home crafts you and your child can create together!

6. LEGO – With multiple channels, all featuring LEGO, you’ll find something for every brick builder in your house. 

    • Number of subscribers: 8.44 million
    • Genre: Educational/Gaming
    • Why we love it: The seven different LEGO channels (under than channels tab) making navigating the numerous videos easy! Elementary aged kids will like the LEGO Discover category where interesting questions are answered with the wit and style of the much loved LEGO Movies. They’ll also enjoy the LEGO Gaming category: a gaming channel featuring LEGO video games and appropriate commentary.

7. CharlisCraftyKitchen – Charli and her kid sister host this super fun cooking show. Some of the recipes do call for some specialized tools or products, but most can easily be completed at home. 

    • Number of subscribers: 1.12 million
    • Genre: How-To
    • Why we love it: This channel is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. While many of the recipes focus on sweets, there are some healthy options too. The important part is it will get your kid in the kitchen learning the basics of food preparation.

Go Beyond the Screen

Expressing interest in what your child is into is a one of the surest ways to develop a deep and meaningful connection. Watch the channels listed here together, and then check out our ideas below for ways to expand on what you’ve seen without the screen.

    • Watch an experiment on Whiz Kid Science, then see if you can recreate the results at home. Can you think of ways to expand on the experiment?
    • Watch a brief history about automobiles, then, get creative and see what amazing car creations you and your kids can make with LEGOS. 
    • Check out the guys on Dude Perfect as they complete Old School Trick Shots then, head out to the yard or park as a family and come up with your own trick shots.
    • Learn the basics of popsicle making at home with Charli and her sister. Use what you’ve learned to create new popsicle flavors in your own kitchen.  


Viewing these videos together is always best, but when that can’t be done, make sure your child is doing their tech time in a common area of your home. This way you can keep tabs on what they’re viewing even while you’re making dinner or folding laundry. Be sure to sign up for Parent Matters to receive support and ideas on how to raise safe and informed kids. 


Jessica Korzyniewski contributed to this article.

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