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Clinical Focus: Child Therapist

and Play Therapist

Sarah is amazing with kids. My son, who is generally shy, immediately took to Sarah and her fun and engaging play style.”

– Lizzy A.

Anxiety & Anger | Aggression | Depression | Emotional Regulation | Trauma | Attachment Issues | Theraplay® | ADHD | Adoption | Self Esteem | Foster Care | Social Services | Social Skills | Parent/Child Relationships | Behavioral Issues | Sexual Abuse

MS, Clinical-Counseling Psychology, Illinois State University

BS, Psychology and Anthropology, Illinois State University 

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) 
Registered Play Therapist (RPT)
Mental Health First Aid Instructor 

Parents want to feel confident and optimistic about their child’s developmental growth and potential. 

But big and small life events happen which can cause children to be irritable, anxious, or have explosive emotions. And, this can be frustrating and discouraging for many parents because they often struggle with knowing how to connect and support their child.

This can easily overwhelm the family dynamic and what’s left is a never-ending cycle of irritability, frustration, and burn out.

I understand how difficult it can be to watch your child struggle and feel like you are not able to help them. 

For the past eight years I’ve helped hundreds of children and their families uncover their natural strengths to better cope with life challenges and increase connection in the parent-child relationship.

I believe that everything you need is already within you and my role as a child therapist is to provide an empowering space for you and your child to reconnect with these innate strengths and abilities. 

Therapy is an opportunity for you and your child to regain confidence in managing day to day challenges, as well as a healing space for your child to safely release tension and negative emotions. 

Here’s how to get started with counseling. 

First, click on the schedule appointment button to fill out a new client appointment form.

Second, we’ll schedule a parents-only intake appointment so I can fully hear and understand your current challenges and create individualized and practical goals to support your child. 

Then, I’ll provide weekly therapy to your child, with parent check-ins, and provide you with tools to support your child along the way. 

So if you would like to stop feeling stuck and get the support you and your child need during this difficult season of life, schedule an appointment today.  I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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“Every time I meet one-on-one or with my child in group therapy Sarah is so amazing to us both.  I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help us out!! Thank you so much for your support!!”

– Parent

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