Developing language is a complex process. Parents and their children have essential and intertwining roles.  

Research shows children are better communicators when parents: 


1. Communicate with their child in the language they are most comfortable using.

– Match what they say to what is happening in the moments.  Use longer sentences as the child grows older.

– Repeat important words.

– Use a variety of words.

– Ask open-ended questions (beyond yes/no).  Encourage children to ask questions.

– Tell stories and read to their child daily.  Read to children in each language he or she is learning.


2. Listen and respond to their child.

– Expand their child’s message.

– Do not interrupt to correct speech sounds


3. Use routines: the same actions, sounds, and words in the same order.


4. Help their child listen.  Give directions for him to follow.


5. Have their child’s hearing tested if frequent repetitions or a loud volume are necessary.


6. Set limits for screen time (TV, iPads, phones, etc).  Make time for talking, reading, and playing together.

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Sometimes parents can do all the right things and their child still does not develop their skills as expected.

If you are concerned about your child’s communication abilities, use our speech and language milestone checklist to see if they are on track.

At Kid Matters, we value the parent’s role in language learning and can provide you with the tools to foster communication development at home.  If your child seems behind in their abilities, call today for a free consultation.

– Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

Jennifer Houch

Jennifer Houch

Speech-Language Pathologist

I equip children with the tools needed to increase their speech and language skills so they can reach their full potential socially and academically.

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