The Suicide Rate No One Is Talking About

I recently came across an article that read, “The suicide rate among youngsters ages 10 to 14 has been steadily rising, and doubled in the U.S. from 2007 to 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Wow! You don’t often hear this on the news.

Kids long to be accepted. And, like many of us, kids often lack the capacity to openly ask for what they need. Children struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship navigation, hormones, bullying and more often feel lost and alone.

10-14 year olds often need more reassurance and hope than they currently receive. They need consistent support and check-ins from adults (even when they say they don’t!).

Don’t let your child or any child you know become another statistic of childhood suicide.


2 Simple Ways to Build Reassurance & Instill Hope in Your Child:


1 Begin by not just telling your child life is valuable, but showing them. This looks like making sure you are consistent about developing a relationship with them and being present in their life.

2 Make time for special dates for at least 30 minutes a week with NO electronics. Be with your child through wondering and curiosity based questioning.

For example, “I’m curious why you chose that?”, or “I wonder if you feel the same way”, or “I’m curious what you are are feeling about_______?”

Always take suicidal statements seriously. If a child expresses to you that they want to end their life and have a plan you should seek help immediately.

— Susan Stutzman, LCPC, RPT



Susan Stutzman

Susan Stutzman

Owner | Child Therapist | LCPC, RPT

I use the therapeutic power of play and child development research to achieve short-term, practical solutions to restore emotional stability for the child and peace in the home.

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