An Article for National Play Therapy Week – February 5-11, 2017

Imagine living in a land filled with giants. I imagine it would difficult. Giants would expect you to understand things from their perspective. To understand the world from their lofty point of view. Now imagine if the giants never took the time to stoop down and see the world from your perspective. To understand your life as someone who was so much smaller.

It takes a lot to “stoop” to a child’s level. Being a child can be really tough when meanings, perspective, and ideas are different than an adult’s.

Adults are kind of like giants in a child’s world.

Play Therapy Works

Just like any other human being children want to be seen and respected. When children are expected to act and communicate like an adult it can easily frustrate a child. When children are experiencing conflict or problems in their home, school, or friend circle it can be overwhelming and they may lack the words to fully express their feelings. When an adult (aka: a giant) see’s the problem they don’t always grasp how big the experience or issue feels in a child’s world.

As a child’s brain is developing and growing a child may ask for attention, express sadness, or excitement, anger or unfairness, through a full range of emotions. For a child, even though they may be able to express their feelings through words, at times it is more likely they will act out their feelings through an outburst, a song, a smile, a tantrum, laughter, crying or even withdrawing.

Parents, if you have a child who is experiencing big emotions consider working with a local Play Therapist. Play Therapists are trained to help children resolve emotional conflict in a healthy way. Play Therapists work to promote communication and expression through the language of play. Play Therapy doesn’t “overtalk” but seeks exploration and engagement with a child’s feelings and emotions. Through the therapeutic power of play a child can freely and with safety address big issues in a child sized world.

If you are struggling with a child who has regular grocery store meltdowns, constantly sent to the principal’s office, or engaging with friends give your local Play Therapist a call.

Through a common language, play successfully breaks through barriers and hidden pain to uncover the inner world of a child. Play Therapy is a place where your child can be seen in a land of giants.

To find out more about Play Therapy in the Chicagoland area, give me a call today! To locate a Play Therapist near you check out the Association for Play Therapy Directory.

Susan Stutzman, LCPC, RPT, owner & founder of Kid Matters Counseling, P.C.

Susan Stutzman

Susan Stutzman

Owner | Child Therapist | LCPC, RPT

I use the therapeutic power of play and child development research to achieve short-term, practical solutions to restore emotional stability for the child and peace in the home.

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