As the parent of a preschool aged child, hearing the word YouTube may trigger warning sirens in your mind. While there is certainly no shortage of questionable content on YouTube, there is also an abundance of fun, educational and appropriate content for you to explore with your preschooler. Here we list seven of our favorite channels for preschoolers.

Watch and Learn Together

While each channel listed here is safe and appropriate for preschool-aged children, we still advise you to view these videos with your child. YouTube is making efforts to ensure the safety and appropriateness of their videos for young kids, however, the system is not fool-proof. By viewing the videos together, you can quickly identify any mislabeled videos, redirect your child, and report the mistake to YouTube, and maybe even have a little fun together.

When rounding up our favorite preschool appropriate YouTube channels we made an effort to go beyond the familiar (Sesame Street and PBS Kids) to find for you YouTube channels that offer something unique, interactive, or educational.

Here are our picks for The Best YouTubers for Preschool-Aged Kids.


  1. Mother Goose Club – Created by educators and parents, this channel juxtaposes live action characters against animated backgrounds, to deliver educational and fun videos.

  • Why we love it: The child actors are a welcome change from the typical cartoon-based children’s videos online. Mother Goose Club puts a modern spin on childhood classics. 
  • Check it out: One Two Buckle My Shoe + More

2. Cosmic Kids Yoga – English born actress Jamie Amor leads kids through story-based yoga exercises. 

  • Why we love it:  There is a themed video for everyone! From Pokemon to Frozen, whatever your child is into, you’ll likely to find a video here. Your preschooler will be up on his or her feet following along to these super simple, extremely engaging routines. 
  • Check it out: Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

3. Blippi – The adult host of this channel presents educational videos your preschoolers will love. 

  • Why we love it: Blippi’s host takes viewers to bakeries, kids play places, and huge construction equipment all while delivering high energy early education concepts. You’ll even find celebrity cameos!
  • Check it out: Blippi Learns about Skateboarding with Shaun White

4. Alphablocks – Phonics was never this much fun! 26 living Alphablocks discover what happens when letters get together.

  • Why we love it: This channel walks preschoolers through the basics of phonics and phonemic awareness. With videos that teach letter names, sounds, syllabication, blending and more!
  • Check it out: Now I Know My ABC  


5. Sign Post Kids – Adults and children sing new and familiar songs, teach early learning concepts and play pretend.

  • Why we love it: Adults and kids playing together in these videos are wonderful examples of the fun families can create together. This channel branches out from traditional nursery rhymes and develops unique ways of teaching early learning concepts like colors, opposites and basic vocabulary.
  • Check it out: Learn English Words! Playground Opposites with 5 Kids!

    6. The Kids’ Picture ShowEducational videos featuring simple graphics with clear learning objectives.

    • Why we love it: The graphics and topics make this channel feel more mature which means your kids won’t stop watching once they reach kindergarten. We love that they cover everything from emotions to patterns to parts of speech. The clearly narrated, and visually simple videos, make great teaching tools for children with autism and other special needs.
    • Check it out: Comparison: Less 

      7. Baby Jake – With Jake, a 9-month-old baby, as the main character, this channel features his adventures. Jake’s baby babbles are translated by his 5-year-old brother Isaac. 

      • Why we love it: This show is whacky, but there is something sweet about Jake’s big brother narrating his thoughts and words. The combination of live action characters, babies, and silly adventures will keep your preschooler engaged.
      • Check it out: Baby Jake – Snowy Adventures

        Go Beyond the Screen

        Technology can serve as an amazing educational tool for your child. But it does not stand alone. Watching videos on YouTube together is a great jumping off point for meaningful family fun. Try some of these ideas together or come up with your own!

          • Watch an episode of the Mother Goose Club as a family and then act out those songs together. 
          • Check out The Kids’ Picture Show episode about emotions and then take pictures of your child expressing those emotions to create a personalized feelings book.
          • Have a baby at home? Why not watch Baby Jake and then encourage your preschooler to guess what their baby sibling means when they babble, giggle and cry.
          • Can you create an educational video around an early learning concept: colors, shapes, or numbers, like the Sign Post Kids?


        Take the lead with YouTube exploration for young kids and teach them early how to differentiate

        between adult content and kid’s content. It’s never too soon to start nurturing smart and savvy internet use. By watching videos together you’ll create a shared experience that will help keep the lines of communication open as your child grows. Be sure to sign up for Parent Matters to receive support and ideas on how to raise safe and informed kids.

        Jessica Korzyniewski contributed to this article.

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