ADHD In Children


ADHD Children are a challenge to parent. You feel behind and never a step ahead. We know how hard it is to keep up with the changes in your ADHD child.

But we can help.

We can equip your child to accept and deal with their diagnosis. So instead of playing catch up with them, you can walk alongside them.

Symptoms of ADHD in Children


Inattention to detail

Problems with sustained mental engagement

Easily distracted

Difficulty following through

Loses things often

Forgetful in daily activities

Fidgets or squirms often

Restlessness or need for continual movement

Interrupts or intrudes on others

Difficulty waiting

Blurts out answers


If your child exhibits persistent inattentive or hyperactive symptoms across multiple settings and these symptoms are clearly lowering their ability to function in school or social functioning, consider reaching out.

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